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. >>. >> chris: they will dedicate the george w. bush presidential library on thursday. in attendance, president obama. four living former presidents and the man that followed bush every step of the way. here is our power player of the week. >> i could literally walk into the oval office without anyone blinking. >> he was the chief private photographer in the bush presidency. in a new book he shows almost the one million pictures he took. >> we developed a good rapport over the years. he didn't have to say anything to me. it was seamless. >> chris: 9/11, he was in the holding room in the florida school. after the president learned of the attack and started drafting his statement to the nation. >> picked up a notepad and started writing notes. he never looked up until several minutes later, they were replaying of flight 177 hitting the south tower. for the first time the president turns and sees that image that is burned into everyone's memory. >> later in his private cabin, the president talks with his chief of staff. >> the president wanted to return to washington. he was frustrated because the
gather for the dedication of the george w. bush library and museum. i will be down there and on "today" matt lauer will have is a live interview with the former president and mrs. bush. coming up here after the break, our special edition of "meet the press" continues with our roundtable, tom brokaw, doris kearns goodwin, peggy noonan, and jeffrey goldberg. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. ♪ sweet caroline never seemed so good ♪ >>> in boston you stay calm, you carry on, and you go to the red sox and sing "sweet caroline." doris kearns goodwin is here. she was not at the game but she would have been singing. joining me for our roundtable, "wall street journal's" columnist peggy noonan, columnist for bloomberg and writer for "the atlantic" jeffrey goldberg, nbc's tom brokaw and the presidential historian and bostonian doris kearns goodwin. what a week and, you know, the h
of the george w. bush library and museum in dallas, texas. i will be down there and on "today," matt lauer will have a live interview with the former president and mrs. bush. >>> coming up here after the break, our special edition of "meet the press" continues with our roundtable, tom brokaw, doris kearns goodwin, peggy noonan, and jeffrey goldberg. all after this short break. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. with an advanced degree inoking education from capellalp them university, full potential. you'll be better equipped to deal with today's issues and make an even greater impact. let's get started at ♪ sweet caroline ♪ sweet clooirnl, caroline good times never seemed so good, so goo
in perspective ma during a won with the same percentage point that george w. bush won in 2004. he won with 0% participation electorate. he won with a greatly expanded number of registered voters, 40% of all eligible venezuelan but maduro, only 30% voted for him. >> charlie: a higher percentage of voters. >> it's a few percentage points lower. so the question is... >> that may be why... he's not... i think a lot of the chavez voters from last october... >> either stayed home. ... or even voted. the way it breaks down the way the electorate in venezuela, the way that chavez support, the remarkable support over the last decade breaks down is roughly 50% of people who don't like feel like their lives were better than chavez or they liked chavez better than who we were running as. gay and lesbian movements, urban barrios, peasant communities that have really felt like that they are part of chavez. they made chavez. i would say that maybe about 750,000 voters that voted for chavez either stayed home or voted for capriles. the question is where did they come from? i would say they're probably from
turn to juan zuarte, who was deputy national security adviser for terrorism under president george w. bush, and is now the center for strategic and international studies. and don borelli, a 25-year f.b.i. adviser who is now chief operating officer of the soufan group, which consults on security matters. juan zuarte, the president said today the investigation is in iten fancy but we know there was a pressure cooker involved, there may have been b.b.s involved, shrapnel and that maybe a circuit board was found that was used as a timer. what does this tell us about the source of this explosion? >> well, gwen, this is part of the forensic work that happens now and what authorities are looking for are signatures in the devices themselves that can give them some clues as to who may have been behind the attacks. what this tells us, at least to date, what we know is this was designed to have maximum effect. even though the explosive charge itself wasn't massive. it was designed with the ball bearings and nails and other shrapnel to have maximum impact upon explosion and so what that tells us
the george w. bush presidential library in dallas. it opens to the public may 1st. president obama and the four living former presidents are expected to be there. >>> do you want to hear from me what the truth was and they haven't really said anything about it affecting me. >> while in new york, it's nfl draft time. all eyes will be on manti te'o and whether he makes the first round. >>> president obama offered to wash senators' cars if it would lead to an immigration bill. the senators then told obama, if you're going to wash our cars, why do we need immigrant? >>> and on saturday, conan o'brien headlines the annual white house correspondents dinner in washington. >>> and that's the week ahead. >>> i'm fredricka whitfield. on behalf of my colleague wolf blitzer and myself, of course, thanks for watching this afternoon. don lemon picks up live coverage from boston. don, ind you'll be talking to city police commissioner as well. right? >> that's right. police commissioner ed davis will be with me in just a moment here. first though i want to get you updated on what we have. i'm done
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the george w. bush presidential library. most of the victims in the explosion in west, texas were firefighters and medical technicians. a u.s. army sergeant pleaded guilty today to killing five other americans in iraq in 2009. sergeant john russell admitted he gunned down four u.s. soldiers and a navy officer at a mental health clinic near baghdad. at the time, russell was nearing the end of his third tour in iraq. the guilty plea means he will avoid a death sentence. folk singer richy haven has died. his family said he suffered a heart attack today. he came from the new york folk scene in 1960s. in 1969 he performed at the original woodstock festival, welcoming thousands of people to the event. richy havens was 72 years old. wall street managed to rally a bit today, after big losses last week. the dow jones industrial average gained 19 points to close at 14,567. the nasdaq rose 27 points to close at 3,233. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to gwen. >> ifill: and we pick up on some of the legal questions being asked about the criminal case against against dzhok
-- drones. since the first drone strike was conducted under george w. bush in october of 2001, nearly 4,000 have been killed in killings operations using drones. in afternoon the senate will hold its first hearing on their use abroad. as a candidate in 2008, barack obama rode to office with sharp criticism of president bush and his anti-terror policies. in the days and years since the first strikes, president obama is estimated to have ordered five times as many drone strikes as the bush administration. and although the strikes have been credited with decimating al qaeda, they've also been executed entirely in secret and without judicial oversite. a policy that differs significantly with what the president has told the american people. >> i am not somebody who believes that the president has the authority to do whatever he wants or whatever she wants whenever they want, just under the guise of counterterrorism. >> today's hearings will address proposals to increase their transparency. for a president who voted against the wars in iraq and won the nobel peace prize, his policy on drones
the debt ceiling multiple times for reagan, multiple times for george w. bush. john boehner forced this thing through the house. >> the irony is it is the republicans who didn't want to raise taxes on their constituents, especially the upper class. so they're now -- these people are trapped in airports. they have to buy chocolate bars that cost more than -- [ laughter ] >> i like it though because when you're sitting around the airport doing nothing you're stimulating the congressional experience. >> it is frightening. smaller government meant like less waste not cutting you know wasteful federal workers who, i don't know, keep planes from hitting each other! >> john: small government means you have to spend more time shopping at at tunes. -- at altitunes. >> the average person takes a plane once every three or four years. >> you were talking about the research. also nuclear waste is being cut. we're not even getting rid of stuff that's going to kill our children and grandchildren. >> john: that's a good point. what other government services do you guys worry about that aren't gett
and thursday join us for thursday's interview with former president george w. bush. that's where charlie was yesterday. he was at his presidential library. that museum opens in dallas on thursday. i know you're going to talk to him about the attacks in boston. that will come up on thursday living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint da humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b are prone to infections or ha
that is constantly communicating with you is very important. i mean we learned after 9/11 that when george w. bush didn't do it, rudy giuliani stepped in. so the whole country was waiting for him to come on the television for those first couple of weeks, because you didn't see the president. and i think president obama has learned the lesson that you do have to speak early, speak often, speak confidently and i'm glad he's kind of cautious, to be honest with you. i know sometimes there's a fetish in american for sort of bellicose language. it makes us feel we're going to get whoever did it but when you don't know who did it, there's not a lot of bellicose language that's useful. it's more useful to find out who did it, to be methodical, find out what's happening. and i think the mashed obama is one of the reason he is got elected, he's a stable, measured presence. it's important that he do that, but also be present. >> michael before we let you go, there's demand for answers, a lot of pressure on naming a suspect. but in the end, i mean this could take a considerable amount of time. you think about
libertarian causes. >> on thursday, george w. bush will be at his library but then says he'll step back and stay in touch with relatives includes his new grandchild. >>> president obama will host the white house science fair. last year the big hit was the president checking out the marshmallow cannon. >>> my must read is the story of tamerlan tsarnaev's wife described as the all-american girl. the mother of his young child. it's on our facebook page. what do you think? that's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. dig in and save with vigoro one-quart annuals, four for just ten bucks. >>> right now on capitol hill it's the first test for the bipartisan immigration bill which may face new road blockses but of the boston bombing. suspects were immigrants. the senate judiciary committee is holding what was expected to
some overhead lines make this new, former president george w. bush's library opens in texas this week. bush says it will be a play to quote, lay out the facts, not a forum to explain his policies and handling of things like the iraq war and hurricane katrina. bush says there is no need to explain himself. >> bill: i still have to say, we'll talk more about this later -- george bush library? >> yeah. >> bill: if that is not a contradiction in terms. >> every admission comes with a free box of crayons. >> one member of congress wants to save a little money the national budget by cutting out if i recall painted portraits of government leaders. east portrait costs between $20,000 and $40,000. >> bill: yeah, and they are such great works of right. >> he is introducing the eliminated government funding oil painting act or ego for short. [ laughter ] >> to stop the paintings on the taxpayer dime. >> bill: i'll sign on. yeah, absolutely. >> i wonder how much -- >> bill: and what happens to those by the way? >> yeah, i wonder how much it costs comparatively to ju
also a former homeland security adviser to president george w. bush. and, fran, jake's got some information here that could be crucial right now dzhokhar tsarnaev saying he and his brother had no communication with any outside foreign elements and that they were radicalized by watching videos online. does that make sense to you? >> good morning, jake. good morning, john. you know, look, it does make sense to me that he could have been radicalized by looking in videos and learning things on the internet. all of that makes sense. we know that the bomb recipe for the pressure cooker bomb is on the internet and available. here's the part that doesn't make sense. i mean, jake rightly points out, investigators are not taking this as gospel. they're going to have to run down investigative leads. we've seen cases where these guys got these recipes, these bomb recipes off the internet and they even went overseas for training and still couldn't get them to detonate. here's a case where the brothers have three separate pressure cooker bombs, two at the end of the marathon route, and one in
from which programs would emerge. >> watch the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas live thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, c-span radio, and -- and tune iner earlier at 6:20 a.m. eastern on c-span for a conversation with the former first couple. >> the u.s. house will be shortly.veling in helping people get health insurance and offer rise in the drawdown of the helium supply. they will be back briefly at 2:00 p.m. we'll have it all live few here on c-span. the senate is taking up the in net sales bill. span2.n find that on c- more capitol hill coverage coming up on c-span3 with a hearing on drones and targeted killings. president obama is in watching today at the white house presented the national teacher of the year award. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., april 23, 2013. hereby appoint the honorable bentivolio to act as speaker pro tempore on
to former u.s. attorney general under president george w. bush, judge alberto gonzalez who joins us from the beautiful city of nashville. good morning to you, judge. >> good morning. >> steve: let's start with whether or not he should be charged or rather he should be classified as an enemy combatant. lindsey graham was on of the chat shows yesterday, said absolutely. this guy is not a common criminal. he was out to kill americans. what do you think? enemy combatant? >> well, there are some people who think that enemy commits an act of terrorism should be tried in our criminal carts and others think they should be designated as enemy combatants. it's complicated question and seems to me what this administration should be looking at is what is the best way to get this person -- to bring him to justice, and also the best route to insure that we get the best information we can because that information could be helpful in prehave noting additional attacks in the future and that could provide answers which could bring some measure of closure to the victims as the families. i suspect what's go
director of the congressional budget office under george w. bush from 2003-2005. i believe that's what we first -- we were first together back at that time. pleased to have you here. >> thank you chairman leahy, members of the committee, it's a privilege to be here today. i have submitted a written statement for the record. let me brief he will make three points, and then i look forward to answering your questions. the first point is simply that the immigration reform bill before you has many aspects. there are important security considerations, there are sectoral economic impacts, legal issues which have to be resolved, but at its core, immigration reform represents an economic policy opportunity. it is an opportunity for the united states to dictate the evolution of its future population, and as i emphasized in my testimony, in the absence of immigration, low fertility rates means that the population declines and it will dictate the labor force participation and effort exerted in our economy. it will have strong influences on the entrepreneurship and small business creation. the evidenc
assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. he joins me by phone. tom, your thoughts on what we've heard so far that they've appeared to have identified a suspect, they have at least one, possibly two surveillance or other videos of said man dropping a black bag, believed, i guess, to be the bomb. they had that and that an arrest had been made, according to other news outlets, is imminent. your thoughts? >> and well, this is clearly a very, very significant development and the fact that from, on initial reports what we're hearing they actually have video evidence, if that's correct, i think it's extremely significant because it's, you know, close to iron glad evidence that you're going to get and not relying on the testimony of a co-conspirator, but hard, evidence that this is the guy who perpetrated this horrific act. so, i think law enforcement has done a very good job in making what appears to be a very significant break in this case at a fairly early date in the process. >> we're looking at videotape provided by the local fox affiliate in boston wfxt. they aired their own
was the attorney general under president george w. bush. ceo of the ashcroft group and with me from his home state. sir, thank you for your time today. i'm curious for you to reflect, you were there in the beginning days 12 years ago. how far have we come? or how far do we still need to go? >> well, first of all, we have come a long way. with the coordinated efforts, things were pretty fragmented until 9/11 gal -- galvanized us and the creation of the department of homeland security. the proliferation of joint terrorism task forces. the whole idea of integrating our efforts. there's long way to go but we have come a long way. i think we're seeing that in the way in which the response is being made to boston. i think the individuals on the ground sifting through of course mountains of evidence, the kind of evidence we have now is so different than it was then because so much more is photographed. and of course a lot of people would be taking pictures at the finish line of friends and relatives who were crossing or running in the race. so one of the things is sifting through the evidence. but, we ha
prosecutor how they would try it. simpson, who worked for george w. bush said he would seek the death penalty. capital murder, national support for terror resulting in death. how would you approach it? >> that's obviously the way you would do it if did you it as a federal civil prosecution. there is the option of doing it as enemy combatant, military court. i know john mccain, lindsey graham, couple of others are pushing for that. you need a little more evidence to know whether you can do that. you really have to know, did he become part of the terrorist war against the united states? these e-mails and texts that they're discovering kind of make a pretty good case that he was part of a group that's at war against the united states. if you can make that case, then you could try him in a military court. you could try him in guantanamo bay and not have the spectacle of this trial having to take place in boston or some other place where they would change venue. >> are you sure about military court? as i understand, it was for noncitizens and for foreign nationals. >> if a citizen becomes part of
, who worked for george w. bush said he would seek the death penalty. capital murder, national support for terror resulting in death. how would you approach it? >> that's obviously the way you would do it if did you it as a federal civil prosecution. there is the option of doing it as enemy combatant, military court. i know john mccain, lindsey graham, couple of others are pushing for that. you need a little more evidence to know whether you can do that. you really have to know, did he become part of the terrorist war against the united states? these e-mails and texts that they're discovering kind of make a pretty good case that he was part of a group that's at war against the united states. if you can make that case, then you could try him in a military court. you could try him in guantanamo bay and not have the spectacle of this trial having to take place in boston or some other place where they would change venue. >> are you sure about military court? as i understand, it was for noncitizens and for foreign nationals. >> if a citizen becomes part of the war effort against the united
the administration of george w. bush, which are available online on the guardian website, show a similar case of american mediators being more israeli than the israelisings themselveses, in other words, putting forth positions less forthcoming than this raeli positions. another striking feature that emerged in the period of 1991 there have 1993 was the remarkable continue newty in the restrictive israeli position on palestinian autonomy. in essence, i argue in the book, this position remained unchanged in its core features from the days in spite of the premise major shift on a number of issues in accepting to negotiate directly with the lo considering the plo representative of the palestinian people saying as a prime minister there is such a thing as these people. they are major shifts, but he did not shift on this other -- on this core issue, and i would argue that until this day, the core positions of all subsequent governments have not changed in opposing genuine independence, not a palestinian state that does not have control of the borders, not a oclestae without full sovereignty, underg
that approach, and every terrorism suspect under either the george w. bush administration or the obama administration who was arrested on american soil has been treated as a criminal defendant in the united states courts. senator graham's proposal would an complete departure from that approach and i don't think there's any indication that's going to happen.that approach a there's any indication that's going to happen. >> and he's a naturalized u.s. citizen. only 19. but last september, he received his u.s. citizenship, he was arrested on u.s. soil. so for the obama administration to name him an enemy combat tantd, you're right, that would be a deviation from everything we've heard from eric holder, the attorney general, from the president on down. all right, we'll continue the conversation here on cnn. thanks very much. our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin helping us better understand the complexities of the law. still to come, could this boston terror attack have been prevented? that's a huge, huge question that's under review right now, along with the fbi, should it have paid more
ted kennedy led the fight to reform immigration joined by republicans george w. bush and john mccain. [chanting] >> big rallies dominated headlines while the national guard joined so-called vigilante groups like the minute men on the border. today's atmosphere is radical lee different shaped by a more secure border, more subdued republican party and a slower economy. >> this is not such a simple issue. it's not an issue of 3wu8ding the wallbuilding a wall, kicking people out. this affects our economy, our schools. >> they had to return to their home country before applying for a green card, not so today. the previous bill required operate rational control of the border before legalization. now the border patrol must only meet security benchmarks over five years. >> previously 200,000 guest workers coul could stay for two years before going home. the new bill gives 575,000 low skill workers, their spouse and children a six-year visa and a path to citizenship. they were required to use a database to verify status. the new bill gives them up to five more years to comply. >> i don't thin
rice was secretary of state under george w. bush and served as national security advisor. thank you for joining us secretary rice. let me ask you about this. this is the first bomb attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. what is going on inside the white house. you have been there at a time like this trying to figure things out. >> yes. first let me add my voice, the condolence to the victims and their families prayers for the full recovery of those who remain. obviously in the white house, these are the most difficult of days, the president has to be at once the comforter of the country, the person who pulls the country together in difficult circumstances, the white house will be very focused on preventing the next attack. and indeed the kind of clues that john miller was talking about are obviously to catch the perpetrators, but also to get clues about whether or not there may be followup attacks planned and finally, just important to note that even though there is a much better apparatus for dealing with these kinds of issues, entire homeland security apparatus, when
salufo who advised president george w. bush after the september 11th attacks, says every lead must be followed. >> are you pulling all sorts of pieces of information, some that fit, some that don't. >> reporter: as for the mystery man in the surveillance pictures, investigators hope cell phone records may introduce an identification. investigators are scouring cell phone logs to find out who made calls from the site of the second explosion around the time the bombs went off. there is a list of name of cell phone owners and now agents are trying to link one of the names to the unknown man on the tape. among other tools, forensic experts will use facial recognition programs, comparing images from the surveillance image from criminal databases and other sources. >> we have john mueller, former fbi dictor. where are we atn terms of identification and what they might be doing in deciding where they go from here? >> okay. so two places, the individuals that bob is talking about is the guy who is on the telephone after putting down the package. bob's reporting yesterday, which was superb,
card, the former white house chief of staff under president george w. bush who unfortunately found himself in a similar situation on 9/11 of 2001 when this nation came under the the last domestic terror attack that took civilian lives and that was a tragic event that changed the nation. andy, i want to ask you first, your thoughts generally on now -- we've seen attempts, we've seen many attempts to try to take civilian lives on american soil and this is the first one that has succeeded. >> we've prayed that we would not have attacks aimed to create indiscriminate murder or mayhem or maiming and this has happened. this is a very sad day for america, but it's also a day where we have a lot of work to do and the white house, i'm sure, is focusing first on making sure that the victims are well cared for. the second thing is they have to make sure that all is being done to cooperate so that we understand what did happen, but the paramount concern at the white house, i think, should be be to make sure there's no other attacks, to prevent the next attack. and so they've got to do all of t
. john quincy adams. john f. kennedy and george h.w. bush. congratulations to the winner. robert -- we'll be right back. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. >>> jane harmon, congress all the wants to respond to something. peter king yesterday who basically followed you i think on the homeland security committee, he wants, he thinks, his response is more cameras. is that what's going to happen? >> maybe. there are many more cameras in new york and washington than there are in boston. i don't think there are going to be cameras everywhere all the time, but it is true the london 775 2005 bombings were solved quickly because there were cameras everywhere and london is known for that. there will be more iphones, tv for sure. >> the question is -- >> and we'll figure this out because th
budget office under george w. bush o 2005.03 tw it's good to have you here. >> thank you. it's a privilege to be here. i have submitted a written statement for the record. let me make three points. first point is that the immigration bill has many aspects. there are sectoral, economic impacts. , immigration reform represents an economic policy opportunity. an opportunity for the united states to dictate the evolution of its future population. the absence of immigration, low fertility rates means that the u.s. population declines. the u.s. isf dictated by immigration choices. the evidence is that new , andrants both work more have small businesses at a higher rate. i have done some estimates that for benchmark performance suggests that he could have as much as nearly a full percentage point faster growth over 10 years. associated with that, every member of the committee would be pleased to see less budgetary pressure, faster growth using cbo rules of thumb, deafness -- her its by two and have that is something we have to onnk about, and not rely efforts that ignore economic gr
a long history under wayne lapierre of hostility to law enforcements. former president george h.w. bush, a lifelong nra member resigned when wayne lapierre referred to the federal agents investigating that awful crime that killed 178 americans as jack footed thugs. >> michael: and they get so upset when the president or frankly anyone who is arguing for gun control appears with any police officers or anybody with law enforcement. they get so bent out of shape about that. it's so frustrating when i see that. david, you compare it to what would have happened, as you just said, if the suspects had poisoned food, for example, or shot people, how much easier would it have been to find them this it been a poisoning? it took a number of days to figure out to trace these things. given logistics and radio tagging and other things we could do a much better job tracing many things but in particular i don't see any argument that we should not be able to trace guns. although the nar fights that furiously, or explosive materials. >> michael: explain to me, then, why they would be motivated to keep fr
of george w. bush. authorities nabbed him. investigators say they will use this trip wire system as they look at information from retailers and suppliers around the country who may have encountered someone making recent suspicious large purchases. we'll keep following this one and see what they come up with. >>steve: thank you very much, heather. there's going to be extra security around the country, including here in new york city. 1,000 extra officers patrolling major landmarks here in new york city, including the new york stock exchange. cheryl caseone is outside the fox -- rather, she's with the fox business network. she's outside the stock exchange. cheryl. >> good morning. since 2001 september there have been 16 known terror plots against the city of new york. once again this morning new yorkers are waking up on high alert. mayor bloomberg coming out yesterday talking to new yorkers and saying while there is no known threat against the city right now, he is sending out 1,000 counterterrorism officers throughout the city today. major landmarks, strategic locations like the n
-raiser. then thursday, the opening of a george w. bush library, which i'm sure c-span viewers will get a lot of viewing of. >> host: that's something that we'll be able to show live on thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. on c-span3. c-span radio and that we'll all be covering that opening of the brary. steve dennis of "roll call", white house correspondent, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> guest: great to be here. >> the senate will gavel in today at 2:00 eastern time with a vote on the online sales tax bill scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern. and live on our companion network c-span, a discussion looking at ways to make medicare more efficient and less costly. that will be hosted by the kbrooking institution. that is scheduled to start 2:30 p.m. eastern time on c-span. >> she was very bright. she was very political, which is why she and lincoln sort of got together in the first place. she spoke several languages fluently. she was extremely well-educated. so she had all these things going for her but she had suffered a series of tremendous emotional blows. >> three of her four c
we saw under the prior administration, under george w. bush, was the argument that terror makes everything different, i.e., you have less rights. in rah suel and hamdi, we saw a relatively conservative supreme court ultimately tell president bush, no, you can't twist like that just because it's terrorism. >> michael, that seems like the danger in calling it terror, right? there was an immediate impulse, make sure president obama is calling it terror. lindsey graham sweet twooetieet telling him to remain silent. that would be the last thing. somehow terrorism makes it fine, right? >> we don't really know if this is terrorism. we don't know if there's political motivations. >> we don't know. we have to establish the definition of terror. everybody was terrorized. the political definition is something else. secondly, john ralston said imagine if you're the person subjected to the recriminations you want to put forth. be very careful if something happens in your family and your kid does something and your kid is on the terror list and the no-fly list, that's a different kettle of fi
was the belief that george w. bush was just crazy enough to strike the nuclear facilities, particularly after the iraq invasion. the other thing that got the chinese' attention was indeed designating north korea as a prime money laundering concern. because, again, the chinese were very concerned that we would take that to its full extent and find chinese banks to be aiding and abetting a prime money laundering concern which means they could not do business with the international financial community. i'm going to speculate that today for a variety of reasons dating back to 2006-2007 when the bush administration decided essentially overnight to remove all the levers of coercive power it had on the north creans and up too today, i'm going to speculate that the chinese do not believe the u.s. is credible either in military action to defend itself or its allies. when i say "defend" i'm talking about some of the things that bruce is talking about before. nor is the u.s. really credible in shutting down the criminal enterprise. because if it was, it would take harsher actions against chinese enterpr
, the former under secretary of the department of homeland security, president george w. bush's administration, and someone who added great wisdom and great knowledge to the deliberations of the task force, asa hutchinson. >> thank you, jim, and thank you for your leadership on the task force. and i want to express my thanks to the constitution project but also to all of my fellow task force members, what they brought to the table in terms of experience, wisdom, public service really made a difference in the development of this project and important report. as jim mentioned, there's more than 24 findings and recommendations. we can't cover all of those this morning, but we do want to hit some of the highlights. we hope you'll take the entire report, study it through, and look at each of those recommendations. why is this report important? it's important because we as a nation have to get this right. i look back in history to the time during world war ii that we interned some japanese-america japanese-americans. at the time it seemed like the right and proper thing to do. but in light of histor
to keep senators and staff safe. in 2003, the secret service revealed, president george w. bush received a letter containing a vial of ricin. no one was harmed in any of the cases. in this latest case, no word on anyone becoming sick. there is no indication this is tied to the boston terror scares. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> what is most important about the story, field tests are notoriously inaccurate. once again the potentially fatal powder, substance, ricin is now being sent, letter is being sent to a lab to make sure what they found perhaps is nothing or could be this particular -- >> more sophisticated tests. hopefully will conclude something else. right now does look like it could be. >> that's right. >>> claire mccaskill senator of missouri said the suspect in this case has been identified. they're familiar with this guy because he writes letters to lawmakers often. she won't say if there has been an arrest or anything like that. hopefully with any luck. get movement on the case fast. >> nobody said the two events would happen in boston and this mailing are connected.
was president george w. bush's national security advisor when terrorist attack the world trade center and the pentagon on september 11, 2001. a job program to help veterans reenter the workforce has more than 60,000 empty slots. it is geared to unemployed veterans between the age of 35 and 60 and covers up to one year of tuition for training. an update on the race for an open south carolina congressional seat. the former wife of the former governor mark sanford filed a complaint accusing him of trespassing at their home in violation of a divorce settlement. a judge has ordered the republican candidate to appear before heing two days faces an election for the congressional seat. some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> she came into the white house as a 47-year-old lady who it was well-known aided politics. at the deeply depressed death of her last surviving son , especially under the terrible circumstances in which he died. she did not have many friends, but she did have a wonderful family that kept her going and there always seemed to be someone there. she was a very intellec
history and you're comparing -- whatever. you'll be happy to know george w. bush says he's comfortable with his legacy on the iraq war. >> so he's the one. >> he would be the one. he said he was comfortable with his decision making regarding the iraq war. so, i feel better. i'm confident the decisions were made the right way. it is easy to forget what life was like when the decision was made. oh, no we remember exactly what life was like. >> we into you that iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. >> stephanie: yeah. i was talking to a friend yesterday about how -- that was really a bad period for -- you know, because i was visiting a friend in utah and mormon and utah, an amazing person. she had fox news on when i walked in. i was like oh, no! it was during the war. you started -- we started chatting. she's like well, you know, he has weapons of mass destruction and we had to -- i was like -- >> no! >> i was working -- at a right-wing station at that time and i remember saying to my fellow producers um, can someone please explain to me what iraq has to do with 9-11? i think i stunned them i
... >> this is the "full court press." >> quick check of the headlines here. former president george w. bush is enjoying spending his time painting and he's enjoying hearing what other people think about his paintings. he said that to the "dallas morning news." people are surprised to see his work but also "some people are surprised i can even read." he says he enjoys bursting the stereotypes, he's taking the painting class once a week. read the book "painting as a pastime" by winston churchill for inspiration. >> bill: well, peter there you go, you've been critical, skeptical about the president. >> i know, i have. >> bill: painting cat and dogs. >> maybe he's on to something here. >> the next picasso. >> i'm actually stunned to learn he can read. >> the anne frank house in the netherlands is defending justin bieber after he wrote in their guest book that he hoped anne frank would have been one of his belieber fans. the museum released a statement saying people need to focus on the positive here. what is special is that a 19-year-old spent an hour at a museum on a friday night when he could have been d
w. bush at the beginning of his presidency and at the end, it seems like much more than eight years passed by. >> so he's meeting with some of the dignitaries who are there, some of the family members. some who have suffered so much. the president will take his seat. this service will begin, and it will begin, we are told, with music. "praise to the lord, the almighty." and then welcoming remarks and opening prayer by the reverend liz walker of the roxbury presbyterian church. everyone will listen. everyone will pray. and everyone will hope for the best as we watch this cathedral. hopefully folks coming together and hopefully the nation coming together as well. this is one of those moments so many people will remember and reflect upon. it will be a powerful, a powerful moment. look at how majestic, jake, that cathedral is. this is the cathedral of the holy cross, obviously a catholic -- a catholic church. but representatives of other faiths, they will have prominent roles here, includiing protestants, jews, muslim. others will be here as well. >> just to get some background on the c
in laissez faire, and look at nixon or what george w. bush did in office and tried to do, nobody believes in it, and, yet, suddenly, when you look at the international economic policy, you take this strange theory that died in the robber barren era of the 1890s, domestically, and suddenly, it's treated like gospel truth, so another thing to wake you up on the controversy, and i harp on this because free trade is the perceived opinion spooned out by all the media, most of our political systems, and so it takes a little bit of stage setting here to hopefully get you guys to take the idea seriously, that maybe as i put in the book, that free trade doesn't work. here's an interesting thing, a translation into chinese. we have stuff translated, we have some friends here who told me it's okay, but if you look at all the oteccs in the world, ch, japan, germany, greater gemny, us tray ye, so on, so forth, they don't believe in free trade. these are the successful economies in the world, where we borrow money from. they have money right now to spare, and we don't. the reality is that the other maj
forum, formerly the director of the congressional budget office. 2003-george w. bush in 2005. that is when we first met. here.o have you we've enter. >> thank you. it is a privilege to be here today. i have submitted a written statement in the record. let me briefly make three points and i look forward to answering your questions. thefirst point is that immigration reform bill before you has many aspects that are important security considerations, economic impacts, legal issues, but at its core, immigration reform represents an economic policy opportunity. it is an opportunity for the united states to dictate the abolition of its people and future population. as i emphasized in my testimony , in the absence of immigration, low fertility rate mean that the u.s. population declines and the future growth of the u.s. as the data by immigration choices. it will dictate the labor force and the effort exerted in our economy. will have strong influences on the out partnership and business community. it will increase the productivity growth in the u.s. economy, the fundamental buildin
or richard nixon or george w. bush did in office and try to do, nobody believes them suddenly when you look at our international economic policy, we take the strange theory that died in the 1890s domestically and we certainly true to gospel truth. another thing to make you that maybe there's a real controversy here. i harp on this because free trade gets tuned out by all of the media, most of our political system. it takes a little stage setting to hopefully tissue eyes to take the idea seriously need the free trade does not work. this is a translation of my book into chinese. we started in taiwan. we are doing korean. i have some friends here have told me it's okay. i have some friends here have told me it's okay. if you look at the successful economies in the world, whether china and japan, germany, austria, swigermany, austria, switzerland, so on so forth come of the rest of the world doesn't believe in free trade. these are your the countries we are borrowing money from. they seem to let money to spare if we don't. the reality is the other major economies in the world either openly repu
of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas live thursday morning at 11:00 eastern on c-span3, c-span radio, and span,20 a.m. eastern on c- a conversation with the former first couple. >> "washington journal" continues. host: the boston marathon bombing is also having an impact on the immigration debate in the u.s. and some are drawing parallels to the way the 9/11 attacks changed the immigration debate in 2001 and 2002. a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. about thet to talk front page of the washington times. your reaction to how the bombing is clinging to the immigration debate? guest: we have heard quite a lot about it in the last couple days as more details have come out about the two men behind this. i don'txpt it to have a significant impact. when you start to delve into what happened in the case -- and details are still coming out -- it does not appear to be directly related to a lot of issues on the table like immigration reform. folks on the republican side, a lot of them want to see legislation move mor
the programs will emerge. >> watch the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas, live, thursday morning, on c-span 3, c-span radio, and, and tune in earlier at 6:20 a.m. eastern on c-span for a conversation with the former first couple. >> now a judiciary committee hearing on the immigration plan being proposed bay bipartisan group of senators, referred to as the gang of eight. the bill unveiled last week is supported by the white house and a variety of groups, including the afl/cio. this portion of the hearing is about four hours. >> we'll ensure we're not back in the hearing room 30 grimes now to revisit the issue. will the small business and u.s.-based companies be able to compete and find high-skilled workers to grow the economy? will american workers truly come first? will we incentivize people to come here and overstaying their visas? these are questions i have. put in regard to border security, security is what is the basis of the sovereignty of any nation. we have independent authority ove
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